Built for long-lasting back and shoulder comfort






The BABY CARRIER features our new CarryLong system; the padded shoulder pads and waist belt spread the load evenly across your shoulders, back and hips. The easy-adjust harness system, which allows one-handed adjustment, as well as an over-the-head design, make life a little easier.







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1. Easy-adjust harness system allows one-handed adjustment. (For You)

Inward and outward facing means your child can see you or wherh you're going. (For Baby)

2. CarryLong System-a padded waist belt with shoulder straps which evenly distributes your child's weight across your shoulders,back and hips for long-wearing comfort. (For You)

Easy over the head design allows you to easily take carrier on amd off unaided. (For You)

3. Removable infant insert ensures a natural sitting position for smaller children. (For Baby)

4. Adjustavle head support for enhanced head and neck control. (For Baby)

5. 100% cotton machine-washable bib. (For Baby)

6. Padded leg openings for maximum comfort. (For Baby)

7. Adjustable leg loops improve the support and security of smaller babies. (For Baby)





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