Taking child safety to new levels

  3.5 years - 12 years | 15 - 36 kg

       15 - 36 kg


Life is what happens while you're busy making plans - especially with children.

Despite good preparation you can never know when an accident will happen.

That's why it’s good to have a car seat you can rely on - like our new KIDFIX III S.

Equipped with lots of safety features it will protect your child from the unexpected.











Always perfectly protected

Based on over 50 years of experience and research, the KIDFIX III S offers the highest level of safety. Thanks to the latest safety features, your child is always perfectly protected - from head to hip. So you can be reassured that your little one is safe and sound.


Ultimate comfort for all passengers  

The KIDFIX III S is one of the most comfortable child seats on the market thanks to its ergonomic shape. Due to the larger seating area and v-shaped backrest the seat grows perfectly with your child – always offering the best possible support whatever their size.



Designed to the highest standards  

Designed, developed and manufactured in Germany, the KIDFIX IIII S not only fits perfectly into most cars, but also meets the highest quality standards. And this also applies to our covers which are made of durable and easy-care materials - so any mishap can easily be taken care of.




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