From the very first moment children turn life into an adventure – so if there’s one thing you should always be comfortable with, it’s your child’s safety.

Parents always have to undertake two tasks: on the one hand a careful choice of a suitable restraint system and on the other hand the constant observation of all instructions and directions for the installation and securing of the child, even on short trips in the car.

You may rely on BRITAX products: due to many years of experience in the manufacture of child car seats BRITAX offers the latest state of technology, the best possible comfort and an optimum operator convenience.

Authorized Distributor in Thailand

In early of the year 2010,Britax has been established branding and official introducing products in Thailand tohrough the company,Smart Simple Solutions Co.,Ltd. at B-Smart Shop, as the authorized distributor in Thailand so that we are able to closely provide more valuable of our safety innovation knowledge and after sale service for Thai parents. Further more information,please visit

website: www.BritaxThailand.com or call customer service phone number: 084 3883887.