Sometimes doing the right thing means making tough decisions. Sometimes it means following a different path or speaking out against things we believe aren’t good enough. It’s not easy, but then important things often aren’t.

We believe that – whether a child is 9 months or 9 years old – they deserve the best protection there is. We also believe that normal booster cushions for older children simply aren’t safe enough, as they offer no side impact or head protection. Recent independent studies by organisations such as Which? support our belief.

That’s why we will not sell normal booster cushions. That’s why we’ve designed the innovative KID range of highback booster seats. Made in Germany with advanced side impact and head protection. Our top of the range KIDFIX XP SICT is the first Group 2/3 seat with a ‘Very Good’ safety rating*. And that’s why we’re campaigning for legislative changes to test Group 2/3 protection from every angle of impact.

*Stiftung Warentest and ADAC Motorwelt, 11/2013, when used with ISOFIX



Nearly 50 years of experience and constant technical innovation have enabled us to understand in minute detail what happens in different types of collisions.

It has taught us that a 5-point harness significantly decreases the forces a child experiences during a crash by diverting the forces to 5 separate points of contact with the seat. We also believe that it offers the best way of preventing ejections and keeping a child safely within the protective shell of the seat in the types of accident (frontal offset collisions and rollovers) where ejection is a greater risk.

It is our belief that shield systems, the most common alternative to 5-point harnesses, simply do not offer the same levels of protection. That’s why we will continue to invest in the complex design and engineering involved in creating 5-point harnesses. That’s why it is the only form of restraint we use on all of our Group 0+/1, 1 and Group 1/2 car seats. That’s also why we are increasingly finding ways to build extended 5-point harnessing into our Group 2 seats, with offering Group 1/2/3 car seats.
As safety experts we understand the dangers of car seats that are incorrectly installed or incorrectly harnessed. As parents we understand the reality of family life – and we know that every day may not always go to plan.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to make safe simple. By constantly innovating to make it easier for parents to keep their children safe on the move.

Like ISOFIX – our co-creation with Volkswagen tackles the startling 70% of car seats that were installed incorrectly by seat belt, still the standard across Europe for safe installation, we have since extended the potential of our ground-breaking invention with new ISOFIT and ISOFIX+ technologies.

Or our innovative harness tensioning technologies – the Active Tensioning System which checks, monitors and adjusts harness tension through every journey and the Light System which helps to assure parents that their child is harnessed to the correct tension.

Or our unique seat belt guides for Group 2/3 seats. Designed because we understand how important it is to enable older children to safely fasten themselves when using the car’s seat belt. Following recent studies* that highlighted the numbers of children who are fastening their own seat belt, often incorrectly, we updated the design of our seats and made our seat belt guides so obvious and simple to use that even older children can safely buckle up**.

*Irish Misuse Study, 2011, Road Safety Authority 
**The driver should always ensure that each child occupant is safely secured.

We’ve been innovating and leading the way in rearward facing safety for over 20 years. That’s why today our broad range of rearward facing seats offers not just great safety, but also great flexibility.

Frontal collisions are the most common type of accident on the road*. And rearward facing car seats are proven to offer the best protection there is in the event of a frontal collision. The Swedish government recommends that children should remain rearward facing until 6 years old or 25 kg. We agree. But we also understand that every family has different lifestyles and different needs. That’s why our range is designed to make rearward facing travel practical for as many children as possible, for as long as possible.

We are proud to offer not just one of Europe’s broadest ranges of rearward facing seats but one of the most advanced. Only 9 seats have passed the demanding PLUS Test for superior head and neck protection in frontal collisions. Of these, we are proud to have created 3. The MAX-FIX II – Plus Test approved up to 18 kg. Along with the HI-WAY II and MAX-WAY – Plus Test approved up to 25 kg. No other brand can say the same.

*Casimir “Child Car Passenger Fatalities - European Figures and In-Depth Study”; Alan Kirk; Loughborough University, UK; Conference: Protection of children in cars, Munich, 2011.