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Our latest technology has been developed to provide enhanced safety for children that are restrained with the 3-point seat belt of the car. The SecureGuard helps to ensure that the adult lap belt remains in the optimal position over the pelvic bones, even when a child moves during the journey.


5-point safety harness and active harnessing

Modelled on Formula 1 technologies – we believe 5-point safety harnesses offer babies and children excellent levels of protection. Our Active Tensioning System (ATS) actively tensions the harness and uses light and sound alerts to helpkeep your child secure throughout your journey. Our Light System (LS) uses light and sound indicators to help you secure your child for maximum safety and comfort.


Rearward facing for longer

We believe that children should remain rearward facing for as long as possible – so we’ve made it our mission to offer the broadest, most flexible, most technically advanced range of extended rearward facing seats on the market. With rotating seats, dual directional seats and seats that can keep your child rearward facing all the way to 25kg or 6 years old. Only 9 seats have passed the demanding PLUS Test for superior head and neck protection in frontal collisions*. Of these, we are proud to have created 3. The MAX-FIX II – Plus Test approved up to 18 kg. Along with the HI-WAY II and MAX-WAY – Plus Test approved up to 25 kg. No other brand can say the same.

*As at February 2015



We developed ISOFIX in 1997 working with Volkswagen to tackle the startling number of car seats that were incorrectly installed. Our invention is now the standard across Europe for car seat installation – ensuring a correct fit and a safer journey every time. Our unique ISOFIT system has been designed specifically for Group 2/3 car seats – using both ISOFIX and the car’s seat belts to safely secure your child. Our Soft latch ISOFIT system enables a simple direct installation even in vehicles with difficult to reach ISOFIX anchorage points. ISOFIX+, our latest development of the ISOFIX system, uses wider connectors to limit sideways movement, along with Top-Tether anchorage at the top to reinforce stability and absorb impact forces.


Anti-Rotation Protection

Our patented Pivot Link system, our innovative Top Tether additional upper anchorage points and our robust Support Legs provide extra ways of limiting rotational movement of the child and the seat in the event of an accident.


Side impact innovations

Offering highest levels of protection in case of a very common type of collision – from the side – has always been one of our top priorities. Our innovative D-SIP provides superior protection for babies in side-on collisions – reducing momentum and dispersing energy away from your baby. Our XP-SICT increases safety for older children in side-on collisions – reducing impact forces by minimising the distance between car and seat. Our SI-PADs are made of energy-absorbing material and built into key areas of the seat’s side panels – acting as a superior barrier to protect your child from side collisions.



In a frontal collision the XP-PAD reduces the forces on your child’s neck by up to 30%* compared to an adult seat belt alone – through our standard-setting two-step cushion compression. Designed to take safety standards for Group 2/3 seats to a new level.

*Source: Britax tests


Performance chest pads

Our patented unique chest pads reduce your child’s forward movement in the event of an impact by spreading forces more evenly over your child’s shoulder and chest. They also provide added comfort for a happy journey.


3M ScotchliteTM

3M ScotchliteTM reflective safety stripes help to ensure that your child’s pushchair is visible even in low light conditions. Inspired by families in our Northern European countries during short winter days – our reflective stripes help to ensure that parents and their children are safely visible when out and about.