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How to Choose the Right Seat

BRITAX Car Seats are structured in groups based on children’s weight. Because age alone is not an accurate way of choosing a car seat, an industry standard system also takes weight into account. Never buy a car seat that is too big and always make certain it is appropriate for your child’s weight - as only the correct seat can provide the right level of safety.

When should you change the seat?

  • Move from a Group 0+ to a Group 1 seat when your child can sit up unaided with confidence, exceeds the weight limit, or if their head is higher than the top of the infant carrier.
  • Move from a Group 1 to a Group 2-3 seat when the weight limit is exceeded, or you child’s eye-line is higher than the seat’s highest point.

Why do some seats cover more than one group?

Multi-group seats or combination seats are adjustable and grow with the child. We have taken multi-group seats to new levels of safety and comfort and so they have become an obvious choice for many parents, grandparents and those regularly driving children of varying ages.

Why buy a single group seat?

Single group seats have the best shape optimised to the weight of a child. They also offer additional comfort and practicality features:

  • Dedicated Group 0+ seats are more portable and can be used in the home, the car, and as part of a travel system.
  • Dedicated Group 1 seats tend to have comfort recline systems that are easy to adjust while the child is in the seat and the seat is fitted to the car.

Avoid second-hand car seats

You never really know the history of a used car seat, and there is always a risk that it may have been involved in an accident, or that vital parts may be missing or damaged.

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